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Short Stories

The right story can transport you to a place you've never visited, or even heard of. It can plunge you into the midst of events long past, and it can slip you into the mind and soul of a person as different from you as fire is from ice.
Forte - Collage
The Summer Festival
Published in Pangolin Papers 2002

The man with the walking stick is here again. He’s always drunk and always making a spectacle of himself, dancing around in front of the stage and carrying on. And then people look at me as though old man is responsible for the actions of another.
Portrait of an Eggplant
Published in The Bitter Oleander 2002 Vol. 8 No. 2

An eggplant lay in the dirt beside a tree which stood by a river. A fork stuck out of the side of the eggplant at a sharp angle; a plain, tarnished fork.
Slaughtered Cows
Published in The Coe Review Spring 2008 Vol. 38 No. 2

ou are lying with your cheek on concrete, staring down the length of a wide dark street. Grey light bleeds through the night sky, easing into silhouette the low rows of buildings …
Winner - WNBA NYC short story contest 2010

Once more he prepared to sharpen the blade of the plane. The edge needed to be perfect. Less would not suffice.
Sculpting Rose and Lily

A sharp wind cut through the jacket of the thin dark haired man walking down Ninth Avenue but he didn’t notice. He was following a woman.